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Other Issues at The Grand Domestic Revolution

In the context of the exhibition The Grand Domestic Revolution (Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, 2011), the project Other Issues infiltrated into daily life: the images of historical currencies performed as a counter at one of the venues of the exhibition where economic exchange normally takes place.




Photoinstallation and booklet


Exhibition view at

The Grand Domestic Revolution.

CASCO, Utrecht. 2011-2012.

Other Issues, User's Manual (14 x 10 cm, 12 pgs) with an essay and a short fiction piece, was produced for this occassion. This booklet worked as a ‘user’s manual’ to the project.


Stamped text on Euro banknotes.

The Grand Domestic Revolution,

CASCO, Utrecht.


The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook



With contributions by


Åbäke, Ask! (Actie Schone Kunsten), Agency, Sepake Angiama and Sam Causer, Matthijs de Bruijne, Ruth Buchanan, Doris Denekamp and Arend Groosman, Domestic Workers Netherlands/ FNV Bondgenoten, Domestic Worker Photographer Network, Paul Elliman with Na Kim, Hans van Lunteren, and Rob van de Steen, Andrea Francke, ifau and Jesko Fezer, Nazima Kadir, Graziela Kunsch with Vincent Wittenberg, Jort van der Laan, Chris Lee, Wietske Maas, Elsa-Louise Manceaux, Travis Meinolf, Emilio Moreno, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Christian Nyampeta, Maria Pask, Our Autonomous Life?, Katayoun Arian, Priscilla Desert, Anja Groten, Klaar van der Lippe, Bart Stuart, Mariska Versantvoort, Maiko Tanaka, Read-in, Katerina Seda, Patricia Sousa, Xu Tan, Mirjam Thomann, Marina Vishmidt, , Werker Magazine



Edited by

Binna Choi

Maiko Tanaka







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